Qualities to Look for in a Dentist

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From the foods you eat to the doctor you visit, you take great care in making decisions that affect you and your family’s health. Choosing a dentist should be no different.

Selecting a qualified dentist is an important part of keeping your teeth healthy and preventing more expensive treatment later on. You want a dentist who will make you feel relaxed, who provides you with accurate, honest information, and who offers affordable treatment plans.

A quality dentist…

is reputable

Look for a dentist who has been practicing for several years. The older the practice, the more experience the dentist has and the more information you can find from existing patients buzzing on the internet.

Does the practice have a professional website that offers patient reviews or testimonials? What other patients have to say is one of the best ways to get inside knowledge before ever stepping foot inside the office.

is educated

Your dentist should not only hold a DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) or DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine), but should also be informed about new dental education and technology. Ask your dentist what he or she does to stay up-to-date on modern practices, whether it be continuing education courses, seminars, or workshops.

is informative

There should be no mystery when it comes to your dental health. Your dentist should not withhold information or prices, but should explain procedures clearly and outline your out-of-pocket costs before performing treatment. Choose a dentist who provides thorough information regarding insurance and payment plans.

is clean

Pay attention to hygiene practices within the office. The waiting room, office, and exam rooms should be clean and orderly. Also, the staff should always wear gloves when performing medical procedures or touching instruments and equipment.

is professional

A good dentist will never attempt to diagnose any disease that is not directly related to the gyms, teeth, or mouth.

Your dentist should also place emphasis on preventative care, as well as ways of treating your dental problems rather than just addressing the symptoms.

is accommodating

When looking for a dentist, pay attention to the office hours in order to ensure that they fit your schedule. Ask what arrangements are available for emergencies that occur outside office hours, as some dentists will schedule last-minute appointments or come in outside of business hours.

is personable

The dentist and office staff should be friendly and willing to answer any and all questions. Your experience during your visit should be relaxing and stress-free, and it is important to find an environment that fits your needs.

For suggestions for a quality dentist in your area, ask friends and family members, neighbors, or your healthcare provider. You can also search online, such as on the ADA website.


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